Tough loss in the Tundra.

I file last night’s loss under the”looks can be decieving” category, as I thought I was going to enjoy a good night baseball at The Stadium.  It got cold quick, and Im not talking the temperature of the Yankee bat rack these last couple of games.  But, I toughed it out, first out to the last, and went home wondering what the hey went wrong.

Judging from past performances against AJ Burnett, I didnt know what to expect, as he has either been a bum or really good.  I guess we saw the latter of the equation, as not for nothing, the home plate umpire gave him a TON of calls that Moose didn’t get.  The Yankee offense was kept in check last night, as Burnett mixed up his pitches well, and the lineup couldn’t muster anything on the basepads.  Other than A-Rod’s shot into the home bullpen, and Jason’s fly-out to Vernon Wells(who was getting it from the Right Field Bleachers…and gave some back as well), there weren’t any hard hit balls.  How do you bring the tying run to home plate with no outs and not capitalize?  A-Rod strikes out, Jason Giambi hits one that, during the summer would have hit the black easily, but wasn’t meant to be last night.   Robbie flies out in foul territory, and the game ends, just like that. 

I don’t think that Moose had all that bad a performance last night, other than Vernon Wells’ shot to the left field porch, wasnt hit hard.  The curve was snapping, and he induced 4 double plays.  5 2/3 innings, but paid for the mistakes that he made.  Offense didnt pick him up, and the Yanks fall, 5-2.

I read an article on that made me shake my head this afternoon; it dealt with 2 fans trying to steal screws from the bunting on Opening Night.  What a couple of boneheads!!  Why would you want a screw?  I guess to each their own.    

Tonight, we have Phil Hughes toeing the rubber against Dustin McGowan in a battle of youngsters at The Big Ballpark in The Bronx.  I definitely look forward to see Phillie have a strong performance and for the Yanks to score more than 3 runs a game. 



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