Melky Shines in the Home Opener.

The Home Opener went down last night, and it lived up to all the hype.  Holladay Vs. Wang, facing up in the final home opener at The House. The Stadium was awash in Midnight Blue and the customary bunting, and she looked as beautiful as she ever has. 

I got to my seat in time for player introductions, and I got to see Yogi and Mr. October walk up to the mound and deliver the ceremonial first pitch.  The atmosphere was electric last night, and it had that surreal look to and feel to it, similar to a Yankees-Red Sox game.  I definitely had fun there last night, as this was the first home opener that I was able to attend.  David Eckstein steps in against Chien Ming Wang.  Wang delivers, and we are under way.

As I mentioned in the title, Melky Cabrera was as instrumental in last night’s win as was Wang’s power sinker.  On the Lyle Overbay shot, I honestly thought it was destined for the wall, until I see no. 28 make a mad dash and make the play!  The place goes bonkers at that point, then soon settles down.  Aaron Hill steps in and takes a Wang delivery to the gaps, but who else but The Melk Man can make plays like those?  Ranging to his far right, not only making the grab but lying down and sliding in the grass to top it all off. I honestly thought that Melky wasnt going to make either play, but I learned valuable lesson last night: The Melk Man always delivers.  Not only that, he provides the equalizer with a high arc to the short porch that made Doc Holladay mutter under his breath. 

With the score 3-2 after Wang twirled 7 strong, You knew what time it was….JOBA TIME!!!  Running in for his first game of the season, it looks like Ill be seeing him running in from the bullpen in the 8th for years to come.  I know that he is going to wind up in the rotation, but the bullpen is where he belongs.  He is the ultimate set-up man, and looked like a grizzled veteran out there, making The Big Hurt look simple last night, as he pumped his fist in typical Joba fashion.  Then it came.

Cue “Enter: Sandman” by Metallica.  The Greatest That Ever Did It, retired the Jays in order to send 55,112 ofmy closest friends home happy, recording his first save of 2008 and helping the Yanks notch their first win of the season.

Im back in the House tonight, as I make the trip with Stephanie tonight to Section 41 in the Right Field Bleachers.  It will be my first Roll Call of the season, and although Im still a bit hoarse from last night, Im sure I can get my act together and be in good voice this evening.  Ill do my best to bring us a win, hopefully the River Ave. Crew can do the same.  The Moose faces off against AJ Burnett, and Im looking for the Yankee bats to come out tonight.



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