The Home Opener That Wasn’t.


I had a good feeling about today.  Go online, check for ticket availability, purchase a ticket, haul butt to Yankee Stadium from Yonkers, and watch the game.  I took the day off from freelancing and had planned to watch the Yanks and their final home opener at The House That Ruth Built.  Too bad Mother Nature had other plans.  Honestly, I felt that the game could have and should have been played this afternoon, as about all that was falling at around 2:00 PM equated to a fine mist that was most definitely playable.  Given how the Yankee grounds crew can make the field playable after 5 inches of snow (2003, anyone?) and the fact that the outfield drains like no one’s business, we SHOULD have seen some baseball today.  The late afternoon was rain free, and as I sit here at 8:00 PM, it still hasnt rained. 

In the excitement of me picking up my ticket and proceeding to Gate 4 by The Bat, I spotted Charles Leaf from Fox 5, and decided to ham it up one time due to my excitement.  I seriously thought that I wouldn’t find myself on TV, but there I was, on the 6 O’ clock news, looking as dorky as ever, proclaiming that there was no other place that I would have rather been than on the corner of 161st St and River Ave.  Stephanie made sure she DVR’d it for its posterity, further cementing said dorkiness. 

Tomorrow night will be one for the ages, as Chien Ming Wang faces off against Doc Halladay at what will be (weather pending, of course) the final home opener at The Stadium. Of course, Im looking for a Yankee win, but Im also looking to see a well pitched game by 2 of the better pitchers in the AL East.  The road to 27 Championships begins tomorrow night, and the final farewell to the Stadium I have called my second home begins tomorrow night.




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