As The Smoke Clears…..

I managed to catch a feed of Joe Girardi’s press conference this afternoon, and I must admit that it felt good to see. This all has a 1996-ish feel to it, as when Joe Torre took over from Buck Showalter. Its a changing of the guard, as today marked the beginning of a new era.
The back of the Daily News today featured A-Rod with arms open and the headline “Can We Talk?”. WHO THE **** ARE YOU TRYING TO KID, A-ROD!! If you really wanted to stay in NY, then why did you opt out? Oh, I get it, you wanted to test the market. DUH! Who else is going to pay you like the Yanks have over the last 4 years? I had a feeling that this was gonna go down the way it did, and not for nothing, I hope that Hank and Brian stick to their guns and NOT negotiate a new contract. Every last detail of this story has A-Rod’s arrogance and disingenuousness attached to it. Everything is about money when it comes to ******** like this, and as always, he always thinks of himself. I for one think that A-Rod makes way to much money to begin with, and typifies everything that is wrong with baseball; greed, shadiness and Scot Boras. I think that A-Rod is an uneducated dolt who has never had to make an assertive decision in his life; its almost has Boras has A-Rod by the leash, ordering commands at his prize dog at the Westminster Kennel Club. Give it up, A-Rod. No one is gonna pay you what you think you deserve. Matter of fact, I got about 7 bucks in my pocket, you want those too?

Sign Jorgie and Mariano ASAP. Nuff said. Jorgie a Met? Give me a break.

Some dude on Fifth Ave saw me in my Yankees jacket and hat and shouted out “The Yankees are DONE!!” Yeah right, man. Its funny how when you ask someone to repeat themselves they keep it moving.

November is here, and Im expecting full Hot Stove action for the rest of the year. There are way too many big ticket free agents out there, and there are a couple of free agents out there that I wouldnt mind seeing in Pinstripes. I hope that the re-structured front office does the right thing and doesent blow a whole wad of cash on another **** pitcher.

It seems more and more by the minute that Joe Torre is taking his managerial skills to the LA Dodgers. I think that Joe is gonna do the same thing he did here, which is making the most out of the talent present and really brining out the best out of his players. Ill miss you, Joe, NYC is still your town.

I started a new job a couple of weeks ago, as a Digital Media Specialist at Atari, Inc. ( I just think its a fancy term for a graphic designer, but hey, if Im a specialist, so be it). Im certainly diggin my new gig, as I get treated with respect here and my opinion and expertise are valued here. Im in some downtime right now, as I wait for someone to hand me off some artwork that has to be manipulated. It feels good to write again, and I hope that this winter gives me more reason to write.





    Are you kidding me? If Sleepy Joe Torre “made the most out of his player’s talent” he would still have the highest paying managerial job in the sport. The truth is: he mis-managed The Best Team Money Can Buy to seven straight playoff chokes and had to shoulder the blame. Because of his incompetence, New York is no longer the baseball capitol of America. That distinction now belongs to the rival Boston Red Sox. So keep wishing for more “big ticket free agents” and you’ll end up with continued failure due to bad clubhouse chemistry. It’s time to dismantle and rebuild with prospects. And time to kiss Moneyball goodbye and vote for a salary cap.

  2. Felix

    Did we have 9 Joe Torre’s out there? No. Did Joe Torre go 0 for whatever? No. If you havent been keeping tabs, we have been rebuilding with prospects all season long! JOBA CHAMBERLAIN? PHIL HUGHES? IAN KENNEDY?? SHELLY DUNCAN?? Any of these names ring a bell? Guess what;they were rookies last season. Boston the baseball capital of America? Do you work for ESPN or something? 2 rings in the last 88 years sure do cause delusions of grandeur.


    nice to see you again Felix.. you should write more often

    and with Joe Girardi, i’m excited to see the new Yankees regime

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