Fiero Francis Rizzuto, Rest in Peace.

The routine every night when I was growing up was simple; My stepdad came home at around 5:30, dinner was served at around 6, and my mom would turn on channel 41 to watch her novelas for about an hour.  7 through about 9:30 was all mine, as I would watch The Bronx Bombers on WPIX 11 on the only color TV in the house.  My mom knew at an early age what The Yanks meant to me, so she would let me have it. 

Then I would wait for it.


You dont know how those words bought a snotty-nosed 6 year old such happiness, cause I knew that the Yanks did something good. 

Then there was the time that I met The Scooter myself.  Reuben, my step-sister’s husband, took myself and his son Carlos Alvin to the Stadium for a saturday day game ( I think that they played The Brewers that day), in 1985.  I was about 9 then, and I yell out his name, "PHIL"!  He comes over to me, shook my hand and said" Heya kid, how are you?"  I told him that I was happy cause I was at the Stadium, and I wanted to do my Scooter impression.  I proceeded to give the best " Holy Cow" impression that I could, got a pat on the head and he went on his way to the parking lot. 

So Im getting ready to leave, and I read on my MLB Dashboard widget that Phil Rizzuto passed away this morning.  Words cant express my shock, and how I find myself saddened at our loss.  Im gonna be greedy and say that I still wish he was here, and that I hope that he indeed finds himself in a better place.  You were a great Yankee, an even greater announcer, and an even better person.  I found out recently that he was sick, and hoped he would get better. 

Phil Rizzuto, may you Rest In Peace.



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