Locked And Loaded. Also, an apology.

Art is indeed a cruel mistress.

As my 4 readers know, I make my living in the real world as a graphic artist, and at the ripe age of 30, am trying my hardest to advance my career.  That means TONS of freelancing.  And no time to write, which ***** the most cause other than art and design, writing is my other creative outlet.  And I need to write. Im no Alex French(my Red Sox buddy recently wrote a cover story for GQ), but its something that I love to do.  Almost as much as art and playing baseball.

*******, its been awhile.  And the last post that I wrote that the Yanks are 25 bums, but that is no longer the case.  Goes to show how much the big boy knows about the team he loves.  The Yanks have turned the corner BIG TIME.  And much has transpired since I last posted.

Barry broke the record.  I remember when he broke The Bambino’s record, I wrote a nasty missive at how he needs to own up, and admit that he cheated.  WHO CARES!!!  All I know is that I never shared a locker with Barry Bonds, never have I worked out with the dude, so I cant say whether or not the record is tainted.  I have never seen the dude shoot up steroids of taking the cream of clear or whatever muscleheads are taking these days, so my opinion is a moot point.  All I can do as a fan of the Great Game is to respect that record and watch the cloud of suspicion cast over the next dude that attempts to break the record. 

A-Rod hits number 500.  You dont know how pumped I was for that. 

And the recent Yankee run.  Oh, man, this is the reason that I love The Bombers.  Everything(with the exception of Kyle Farnsworth) is clicking right now.  Hitting has been phenomenal.  no dead wood in the lineup, and everyone is doing their thing.  Pitching has been superb.  The starting rotation has finally stabilized, and with the arrival of Joba Chamberlain, we finally have a reliable bridge to Mariano Rivera, a la Mo to Wetteland in 96.  THAT WAS WHAT THE YANKS HAVE BEEN LACKING SINCE 2002!!!!  For as many "8th inning" guys the Yanks have tried out in the last few years,  I think that Joba fills the role quite well, as his performance dictated last night.  Not only does this kid has killer stuff, but his composure and poise predates his youth. At times I felt like I was watching Dennis Eckersley back in the day. I predict big things for this kid, as I Dont see the Yankees letting go of this kid anytime soon.  The Bombers upgraded big time by bringing this kid up, and he isnt going anywhere.  He looks like he was born to pitch on this stage, and looked like a grizzled vet. 

What I liked about the win last night was the fact that they did it against Fausto Carmona.  I not surprised about this dude, he has been doing his thing this season, and his stuff is indicative of this.  This is further proof of the caustic nature of the Yankee lineup, as they are just scoring runs no matter who they face.  You gotta feel good about this lineup, as everyone has been picking each other up, and everyone is playing their role.  A-Rod started things off by taking the aforementioned Carmona DEEEEP to center field.  Melky!  Man is this kid hitting!  15 straight, and he is racking up RBIs to boot.  You gotta give it up to the kid, he is making Brian Cashman look like a genius, and as many trade offers as he got for Melky before the deadline, I thank Brian for not trading him, this kid is gonna be a leader, and someone who will play his entire career in the Pinstripes. 

Phil Hughes…..what can I say about this kid that I havent said already?  This kid is the truth.  The Baby Rocket pitched magnificently last night, as he basically handcuffed the Indians lineup all night, save for a dinger given up to Josh Barfield.  His curveball had NASTY bite to it, resulting in too many Indians batters looking really bad either looking at it or flailing out.  His greatest strength was changing speeds, something that he did all night and it was something the Indians had no answer for.  He did get into some early jams, but worked his way out by displaying that curve and changeup.  All in all, Donnie Baseball reaches .500 as a manager.

Guess where Im leaving for on tuesday……….wait for it……..ECUADOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After 7 long years(or what seems like an eternity, depending on your point of view), Im leaving to visit the Pearl of the Pacific, Guayaquil, Ecuador.  Last time I went there, I was 23 years old, and it was an experience that I will never forget.  I have a lot of family over there, and there have been many additions to the Ladines family that I have to make acquiantances with.  I know, Im gonna miss the best part of the season, as the Yanks will finally know where they stand after these next 2 weeks, but Ill be back for the Boston series!!  Im going to try to post from Ecuador, but will have to be limited as I can only dial up from there.  Im going to try to catch up with the Yanks as much as I can, and Im gonna miss the 5 boros, and Im gonna miss watching The Bombers every night.  Its gonna be an experience as Stephanie is coming with me, and she has never left North America, and she gets to experience another Latin American culture.   But hey, ITS ECUADOR!! 

All this makes for a really happy Yankee fan these days.  Im looking for this to last the rest of the season, as we are within smelling the playoffs, and October is becoming more of a reality as each day passes us by.  The Bombers are owning their destiny right now, its up to them to make it happen.



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