None of the great Greek Tragic Writers could have penned this one.  A young, passionate man cut down in the prime of his life, doing something that he loved.  This is the untimely end of one Cory Fulton Lidle, a light that was snuffed out way before his time. 

He may have not had a overpowering fastball, a table-dropping, knee-breaking curve, but he was a Yankee.  This tradegy harkens back to the death of Thurman Munson, and how his life was cut short in his prime.  Although Thurman was a career Yankee, and Cory wore the Pinstripes for a short time, nonetheless he was a member of our team.  He was a human first and foremost, and we lost a member of the human family. 

So yesterday was rough, as my homegirl Sue informed me at 330 that a plane crashed into a building on the Upper East Side.  My first thought was that my mother works at a group home for the developmentally disabled near the crash site.  I call her, and her first words were " Im all right, Im on the West Side".  That swayed my fears a bit, and I placed a call to my sis, who works in the area as well, but was at her class at BCC.  I tune into CNN, and the story is all over the place.  Im getting details here and there, about how a plane left Teterboro airport at about 2:30 and met its demise when it crashed into a building at 72nd and York Ave.  For my readers that are not familiar with the NYC area, York Avenue is the last avenue before you hit the FDR Drive and the East River.  At 4 PM, it was announced that the plane that crashed into the building was registered to someone in the Yankee organization. 

HOLY. ****.

At this point I would not have cared who it was, as this was a member of our family, this great and historic organization that is The New York Yankees.  It could have been anyone.  Then it was announced that the plane was registered to Cory Lidle.  Its starting to **** at this point.  Then at around 430 pm EST that Cory Lidle was indeed at the helm of the aircraft.  My heart dropped at this point.  Everything else felt trivial at this time.  I just kept thinking about the fact that the dude had a 6 year old kid, and that he was a family man.  I was in a state of shock, and Stephanie was beside herself.  We had a somber dinner, as facts kept coming in at a blazing rate.  I really didnt feel like working out, but I did.  All that I saw on the TVs at Ballys were the stories coming in, about the famil left behind and whatnot.  As the rain fell on NYC and the Burbs, I couldnt help but to think about his family, especially his little kid.  I didnt get that much sleep last night, something that I
hadnt been doing since the Yanks got bumped on saturday anyway.  This compounded things, and  didnt make me feel better.  The sun rose on October 12th, and I got to see the new day.  I thanked the Almighty that I saw the new day, like I do every morning.  Godspeed, Cory, I know that you are in a better place. 

Ive gotten a few emails about the passing of Lidle, and a few from Red Sox and Mets fans that I know.  I want to thank all the people who showed support, and I hope that the Lidle family feels the love that the baseball community is throwing their way right now.  Cory shared the same passion that I have for the game, and anyone who plays this game, no matter what level you play on.  He got to do something that alot of us wish we could do, and he did it his way.

To the Lidle family, my condolences.  To the rest of the Yankee family, the Lidle family needs us now more than ever.

What sickens me the most is how certain politicians have used this to advance bills and proposals, especially one Anthony Wiener.  He was on a podium talking about airspace restrictions and comparing the skies above NYC to the Wild West.  THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!!  Dammit, dude, someone just lost thier life!  Show some compassion!  Things like this truly sicken me, and its bullcrap how politicians take events like this and politicize them, much like President Bush did after 9/11.  I guess that the value of human life means nothing to them, only votes in the ballot boxes do.  Let something like this happen to you, and let you get mad about some other politician making light of a death in your family.  It sickens me, and is a testament to the sad state of politics these days.

May you rest in Perfect Peace, Cory, youre in a better place now.


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    I am writing a biography of George (SNUFFY)Stirnweiss, deceased, of the NYYankees.

    As part of the research for this book, I need to find an ON-LINE concise list of the MLB players who served in the armed forces during World War II.

    Please respond to:

    Pat Mackin

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