The Associated Press has confirmed that this afternoon, Cory Lidle was killed in a plane crash this afternoon, after the plane that he was in crashed into a condo building on the Upper East Side.  There are reports flying all over the place, but this is something that the AP has already confirmed.

Though he did come over in a mid-season trade, he was well liked, and really didnt make a commotion in the clubhouse.  My condolences go out to the Lidle family, and the Yankee family mourns your loss.  This is a tragic event, and no matter what team you root for, MLB lost a member of the baseball family today.




    We Live As a Yankee we Die As a Yankee Fan!!!

    On October 11,2006 a plane crashed into buildings and a Yankee Pitcher by the name of Cory Lidle died. Well I never knew him and haven’t seen him pitch that much this year. But just want to join hands with all of those Yankee fans who mourn the lost of their fallen Yankee, and say when one dies we all die with him and mourn with him. I can still remember how Thurman Munson died the same way a plane crash . In short just wanna say thank Cory Lidle for pitching for the NY YANKEES.


    Bronx Bomber Four
    Everyone has heard of the Three musketeers right, but in the Yankees’we’ve had great combinations during the seventies we had Nettles at third base,Dent,at SS,Randolph at Second base, Chris Chamblis at First,outfield you had Paul Blair, Mickey River, Oscar Gamble, Catching Thurmon Munson, Pitching Ron Guidry, in bullpen you had Goose Gossage. We had a winning team at that era and then we had the 80’s with Mattingly at first,Randolph at second,Espinoza,Winfield, Henderson,Catching you had Rick Cerrone, but now we have the 90′ to the present with the Bomber Four as I call them. Derek Jeter,Jorge Posada, Bernie Williams, Mariano Rivera and the brains of them all Joe Torre. These four have been with us giving us titles that I guess without one of them Yankees wouldn’t be alive again. After hearing Bernie Williams might go last year many thought what was the team gonna be like but we got Johnny Damon who did great for us but with out Bernie Williams still the Yankees wouldn’t be the same. And we got a scare that Joe Torre might leave this year after they lost.Well Torre is like the battery if you remove the battery from your walkman your walkman wont play no matter how many tapes you put and no matter how hard you push play it just wont work with that battery. So Torre is the battery of the Yankees. Derek Jeter and Posada they’ve been playing no matter how hurt they are they’re there everyday to me they’ll always be mvp. And Mariano Rivera not since the Goose has anyone seen a closer like we have Rivera Thank god we have him.

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