Torre Watch AKA Dont Believe The Hype.

So the Joe Torre watch continues.  While the New York Media Machine continues to spin away, we Yankee fans sit and wait to find out what the next move is.  Will George fire Joe?  Will this usher the new way into the future?  Who knows.  All I know is, that change is coming.



  1. Gabriel

    Instead of booting Joe Torre, I feel that if changes are to be made that they should concentrate their efforts on building an effective young pitching roster for next year. Yah, we had the hitters, some of them are getting up there in age, but let’s face it, we need results and that means change. Uncle George is a businessman and the organization that is the Yankees is a major commodity and it’s time to trade some of that stock for a future return that will pay dividends. Don’t get me wrong I like Joe Torre and I liked Tino Martinez, I liked Billy Martin and I liked Billy Martin a couple more times. It’s time for the Boss to make his moves – God Bless Him!



  2. Felix

    To be honest, Gabriel, thats what the Yanks have been lacking as of late. If we had 4 more Chien Ming-Wang’s, we’d be set! Youre also right about the commodity part, as this is a business!! How better to invest in a business than to invest in futures! I think that some of the signings that George has made lately have been for the short term, and there was no possibility for growth and a future return! This is not how a business should be run. In the end, The Boss will make his decision, and this will be a decision that he sees fit to see his business grow, and George’s business is to win basball games.


    Since the 96 til the unforgetable Subway Series, a Subway Series which would of been nice again for all New Yorkers. The Yankees have been great with an all star cast of Derek Jeter, Bernie Williams,Jorge Posada, Mariano Rivera, and their main man Joe Torre. Will call them The Bronx Four. Because these four guys have been together since 96 and have made champions out of the Yankees together. And it would be a tragedy if they would break apart from each other. So if Joe Torre were to leave it would be like eating Pizza without cheese it wouldn’t be tasty at all.Because just like a Pizza Yankee fans just like myself are use to have these four together. And we almost got a scare when Joe Torre would of left the Yankees. I would still love the Yankees but it would get a little getting used to when I did when Billy Martin was the manager. Joe Torre is the battery of the New York Yankees if you take this battery out they would run but they might not run efficiently.

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