MypictureThis weekend has been rough on this Yankee fan.   My resolve has been tested, Ive been told how to cheer for my team, Ive been told how much the Yankees s;ck, and most of all, Ive been told that I am a spoiled Yankee fan for expecting nothing but the best from my team.  Though I made it through today, it was hard to do, as I had nothing to do but watch football(something that is hard for me to do in the first place) and think about what could have been.  My buddy Ely came over to the crib today, and though he is a Met fan, is sympathetic because he really wanted to see a Subway Series.  Its funny what a six-pack of Hieneken and some good ole male bonding, and some dinner that my mamita cooked can make me feel better than I had been doing.

I really do not buy into Joe Torre being replaced by Lou Piniella.  I think that the NY media is making too much out of this, and not for nothing, it would be a bad choice.  Although Lou knows about the Yankee tradition and whatnot.  I really hope that the front office lets Joe ride out the last year of his contract, and evaluate where to go from there.  I have a soft spot for Joe.  He was the one that bought back the winning tradition to The Bronx.  He was the one that nurtured the winning spirit into the likes of Bernie, Jeter, Posada, Mariano, et. al.  He is who I associate the 90’s championships with.  He has been the calming factor in the clubhouse, the father figure that you would love to play for.  Although Lou would bring in a certain flavour to the clubhouse, I think that it would bother the team chemistry, and would not be the right choice in this situation. 

Ive been reading alot of the posts that my fellow Yankee bloggers have left, and it inspires me to say the least.  I have truly found a community of Yankee fans that love this team like I do, and it definitely made me feel better today.  I want to thank all of you for inspiring me, and for the emotional support.  In closing, I want to quote BLEEDING PINSTRIPES and the poignant words that were written, as truer words have never been spoken of us Yankee fans:

" The Yankees and their fans are never eliminated as an afterthought.
They are always taken down in a public execution.  They are led to the
gallows to the raucous cheers of the gathered crowds.  They are read
the charges of high crimes and misdemeanors against them, and they are
always the same.  Their misdemeanor?  Gluttony.  Their high crime?
Nobility.  And then they are very publicly hanged while the throngs
roar with approval.  The masses will not be denied their opportunity to
watch the mighty fall.  And that’s okay.  It’s part of what we Yankee
fans sign up for.  Some of us make a choice.  Some of us are born into
it.  But all of us wouldn’t trade it for the world."         "





    I could see Mt. Steinbrenner erupting and cutting off what he perceives as the problem and that is Torre. Who knows, maybe Lou will ring the fire that this Yankee team needs to suceed in the postseason, when OUR season really begins. You said anonymity is a *****, well jealousy is too right?? Looking forward to next season!

  2. Gabriel

    Trust me boys – if this were the 1980’s, we wouldn’t be waiting to find out what Uncle George is going to do – it would have already happened. I do know that Uncle George has that business spirit that drives him to be successful no matter the cost. I like Joe Torre, he has done an outstanding job, but c’mon let hime ride out his contract? I wish Torre would have fired up the team with some emotion – I grew tired of him sitting there solemnly. I have to feel that a management change is coming and yah, it’s going to be a ride if Sweet Lou is donning the manager cowboy hat. CLINK…CLINK…CLINK..there’s a new sheriff in town.



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