Another Yankee Season Comes to an End.


Am I mad?  Yeah.  Am I sad? Rightfully so.  The Yanks played like **** today, and you can tell that they didnt want it.  I guess they were more concerned with playing golf in the offseason, and not focusing on the task at hand.  Heads will roll, and I would expect nothing less than a shakeup in the Yankees organization, and for things to change.  And it cant come soon enough.

Am I going to stop being a fan? No.  I have loved this team since I was a kid.  But now I know how fans of the Cubs, Red Sox, and up until this year, The Mets.  This  has made me love the Yankees more, and I would go to bat for these guys anytime.  But something has to change, and it has to be drastic. 

Despite this, I am still a Yankee fan, through and through.  I take the good and the bad, and although there has been alot of bad lately, I will continue wearing my Yankee fitted, my road and home jerseys, my RIP RED SOX 2006 SEASON tee, and all the other Tees that I own.  I have exhulted, I have cried, and I did it all as a fan.  Thank You GOD for the New York Yankees.  And as the 104th Yankee season comes to a close, all I have to say is that things have to change. 

As far as who Im going for now, it would be hypocritical of me not to cheer on the Mets this season.  As I sit here and watch the Mets manhandle the Dodgers tonight, they are pound for pound the best team in the postseason.  Im doing it for my grandfather as well.  After he saw Ecuador reach the second stage of the World Cup, I think that El Viejo deserves to see his beloved Mets win a championship this season.  My granddad got here from Ecuador in the mid-60s, and he has been a fan thoughout their entire existence.  I can honestly say that he is the biggest Met fan that I know, as he wouldnt let me watch the Yankees in his house when I was a kid.  And I love him.  He gave me a love for baseball, and he comes from a country that has no baseball pedigree whatsoever.  He infused in me a passion for my team, no matter what team I would go for.  He said that I was ruined when I moved to The Bronx when I was a kid, but hey if I went for the Mets in 86 when they played the Sox, why cant I go for them now?  Im not jumping on the bandwagon, so dont get me wrong.  IT would be good for NY to win a championship, no matter what team would have won it.

When do pitchers and catcher report?





    hey man i’m not trying to start anything with you,but first of all i’m an astros fan so believe me i can understand this thing they call frustration.if we only had one and i do mean just one of those w.s.flags you guys have i could not care less if we were as bad as the devil rays cause at the end of the season there was no differance betwewn the two teams we were both out of the playoffs.alex is a good player so is randy when he pitched here man the dome would really rock.i heard a local guy saying alex would come here i mean he does have a mercedez benz dealership here,and all and my first thought was that’s great,but he won’t come here.that’s crazy talk,and i know your probably going to say that i have no idea what goes on there in your city and your right,but just like everybody thins that in texas we ride horses to work.i’ll tell you a little something about your guys are so caught up in compareing every player that comes there with a bunch of dead guys.i mean come on just freaking let it go.when great players come there it’s like a circus they can’t be themselves they got to get a haircut, shave and do what ever else,come on ,are these grown men or 5 year olds.i dont know about you but when i cant be myself at work i dont perform to well.recently i had a new guy start at work,and he’s a yankee fan,and i asked him if he was a real fan or just one of those fan’s that roots for them because,well it’s easy to do when you got a roster full of all stars.i told him that i’m not a yankee hater.who i hate is the media i mean one time i was watching my boys on (national t.v.)(maybe bacause they made the big show last year),and one of the announcers when a shot was taken of andy and roger said “the yankees are well represented here today” who gives a dam they no longer play there anymore that is so freaking annoying.well now i’m just rambling on,but if yall could see thing from the outside looking in i have a feeling you would see it my way,and by the way don’t try to buy the w.s. every year develop players,and keep them aroun eventually they come around.god know’s we let alot of people go that i wish we hadn’t by the wat go stros go stros


    You’re holding Arod and Randy responsible for this and they are embarrassments to the pinstripes? Puhlease. Irrational and spoilt – no wonder people have such bad opinions of yankee fans.

  3. Felix

    whatever, dude. Youre right, you dont know what it is to live in NY, and you dont know what it is to have a team with a history like ours. Until you decide to move to NY, please keep your narrow minded opinions about the city of my birth and upbringing to yourself, as I had the worst time understanding your sentence fragments. These are just my opinions and are not actual fact. I refuse to give into a losing mentality, and Im not going to let some Astros fan tell me what I should think or feel about my team. Maybe you missed the whole part about me loving the Yankees. Maybe you missed the part about me not being some bandwagon fan, as I have lived and died with this club for as long as I can remember. I have never compared the current squad to any “Dead Guys” such as The Babe, The Iron Horse, or The Yankee Clipper. I have an unfounded respect for these “dead guys”, so please do me a favor and use your spelling and grammmar check next time.


    Didn’t I give you an opinion? lol. By having an open comments section then you are allowing people to have their opinion on your opinion. I just dont happen agree with your opinion, on this specific issue. I’ve agreed with you lots of other times.

  5. Felix

    And I am not asking anyone to agree with me, thats the beautiful part about this! I know that opinions are like a$$holes, we all have one, and hey I let everyone express theirs here. Angel, I love my Yankees. I love the feeling that I get when I put on my pinstripes, have a ticket in my hand, and I ride that 4 train to Yankee Stadium. You see, its my sanctuary, My favorite place on Earth. Its one of the few places that I feel that I can express myself, be who I really am, and not for nothing, I live for every night at 7:05 to watch my team!!! Maybe Im passionate. Well, I am. Maybe I also do not live in denial. And maybe I speak out of anger sometimes. But you know what, I pay 4.95 for this lil blog of mine, and since I started this thing, I have welcomed opinions, both good and bad, as you can see from the various posts to this blog. I plan to edit this post, because obviously people do not think like I do, and that is the beauty about this world! WE ALL DO NOT HAVE TO AGREE ON THE SAME THING!!!! I appreciate all the comments left here, but hey, I have an opinion too. Lets all remember something, Im not some post-1996 bandwagoner, Im someone who has lived through the lean years as well as the parades down The Canyon of Heroes. Im a fan, plain and simple. Like I said, I am going to re-edit this post because obviously this has made me look like a spoiled, irrational child. If you want to read the unedited version of this post, you know how to contact me.


    I liked your post. I am a Mets fan and yes the fact that your team isn’t always on top is a good thing. It tests your true colors (no pun intended) and how far you are willing to go as a fan.
    You are right big paychecks don’t say anything. Don’t blame it on only those two though. As a team they weren’t there. There was a lot of wrong decisions done for the post season (like trying Sheffield out @ 1st). Above all I think clashing egos and hollier than thou attitudes bring great empires to crumbles. It is a piece of history and they got their share today.

    No worries there is always next season. They better learn from their mistakes ’cause having that kind of cash gushing line-up without pitching, producing and more importantly sportsmanship is not going to get a team anywhere.

    Take care … and Let’s Go Mets! 🙂


    The Wrightoholics


    “Despite this, I am still a Yankee fan, through and through. I take the good and the bad, and although there has been alot of bad lately, I will continue wearing my Yankee fitted, my road and home jerseys, my RIP RED SOX 2006 SEASON tee, and all the other Tees that I own. I have exhulted, I have cried, and I did it all as a fan. Thank You GOD for the New York Yankees. And as the 104th Yankee season comes to a close, all I have to say is that things have to change. ”
    A FREAKING MEN Felix. Also nice post wright fan. No heart and no pitching = no wins in postseason. Heads will roll, wonder who’s the first to go??

  8. Jason

    I’m with you my man about loving this team. We take it all, no matter what comes.

    I’m sorry to say i think that we may again be seeing my favorite Yankee, Donnie Baseball, once again taking off the Pinstripes. Every tiem the team collectively doesn’t hit for a spell, I always get the feeling that the hitting coach is getting the axe. Hope it doesn’t happen as these guys should be able to hit the ball with or without a hitting coach. But Big Stein is going to make waves, and Mattingly would be a big wave.



    just what i expected from a spoiled yankee fan.that feels like anything else other than a w.s. win is not o.k. get over yourself,and what a cheap shot about grammer and’s just a stupid game.i don’t claim to be somekind of scholar or anything that was very grown up of you.200 mil payroll and yall got shown the door in the first round dam how does that taste get over yourself you just live there you don’t own the team or anything ****.

  10. Felix

    obviously, you missed the whole point of this post! This is what the Yankee fans expect out of this team! WE DO NOT SETTLE FOR MEDIOCRACY!!! While every other fan is happy just to be there, we hold our team to higher standards! WE WANT TO WIN! You just do not understand what it would be to be a Yankee fan, and not for nothing, its funny how people pop **** to me on some online blog and wouldnt say **** to me to my face! Anonimity is a mutha! I couldnt understand what the **** it is you were saying!! Im done with fans from other teams telling ME what to feel about MY team!! Go settle for your mediocre team, Ill still be rooting for My YANKEES!!!


    Like many New York Yankee Fans I’m again saddened that my team the team that I so dearly love didn’t make it this year. But I am a die hard Yankee fan win or lose I will always stick by the Yankees. As I watched game 1 I guess everyone thought it would be a walk in the park because Chang did great and D Jeter played great well.And I thought but I knew they had more games to play before they can call themselves champion. Then came game 3 Randy Johnson gave them a good pitched game and D Jeter did pretty good but the rest of the bench couldn’t seem to get anybody to score and we we’re done for. And the thing I noticed is everytime October come along Arod always gets into a slump I don’t know why but it seems to be a habit for him. But nevertheless I was hoping for a great world series a Subway Series with The Mets and Yankees in the playoffs but it’s not gonna happen.

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