So My Last Post Was a Bit Pre-Emptive.

Now that its all sinked in, Im alright with the game this afternoon, and its just going to make things more interesting.  When the team loses, its al total team loss, and Justin Verlander only compounded matters further.  I dont think that he had his best stuff out there, and thats what upset me the most.  I mean, his fastball was clocked at 100 MPH, but he wasnt locating it.  We helped him out too much, and pitch selection was HORRIBLE.  We left too many runners out there, the score should have been 8-4.  I do give the Tigers bullpen their due credit, but this was a game that we should have won.  The Moose didnt locate his pitches, and the Tigers manufactured their runs, something that they have to do facing this lineup.   Though it didnt look that formidable, we all saw what they are capable of, and Im looking for them to break out again tomorrow night. 

Im looking for the Yanks to bounce back from today, and I keep telling myself that Kenny Rogers is **** against the Yanks.  Randy Johnson is looking for redemption, and he looked outstanding his last time out in D-Town. 

I refuse to push the panic button just yet.  I believe that this team has been fighting all season, and they will continue to fight all the way to the Promised Land.  Im rallying around my team, and I am going into tomorrow knowing that we can overcome this bump in the road. 

So Im watching the Mets, so far, 0-0.  Im looking for the Dodgers to finally get something going, and not to make the same fundamental errors that they made yesterday. 




  1. Jacob

    No reason to panic…but i’LL admit that it’s got me thinking (read: worried) more than I’d like to be after game 2. If the loss had come in game 3 I wouldn’t care…I’ll be liveblogging tonight’s game. Hopefully neither the team or my liveblogging skills will stink.


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